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ENGLISH: HELP TO READ INVOICE. 951 finndk 3 19/10/2008

Scritto il 17/10/2008 alle ore 8.34

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ottobre 2008

first of all, i am very sorry that this has to be in english.
i hope that someone will help me anyway?

the story:
i live in denmark, but i am on vacation in italy at least once a year.
this summer i had bad luck with my peugeot ranch 2.0 hdi - the clutch got problems and i had to get it fixed (replaced) on a local workshop in italy.
see the invoice here:

but shorly after the clutch felt a little stiff/rubber-like when the motor was worm - and shortly after i got home to denmark, my motor started to sound pretty sick!
at my workshop in denmark they would examine the clutch, but when they empty the gearbox for oil, only ~0.2 liters came out!
there are no signs on spill from the engine, so it seems like that the italian mechanic did not put very much (if any) oil on the gearbox after changing the clutch.
the gearbox was of course totally dead and have now been replaced.

i would like to find some circumstantial evidence that the workshop in fact did forget to put oil on the gearbox, so now i need some italian help to read the invoice.
there seem to be a 82,- euro post for oil but it looks more like a regular oil change than oil for the gearbox ..... or?

i hope that someone can help me. any ideas and comments are very welcome.


best from:
- finn dk

Scritto il 17/10/2008 alle ore 21.18

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giugno 2007

hi, i’m sorry for what happened.

indeed the invoice does state "olio cambio castrol" which is "castrol gearbox oil", does not state the quantity, but for €82 is a lot.

i don’t uderstand "cauzione" which means deposit, if you did leave a deposit it should have been deducted.

also 60€ for "consumption material and waste recycling" is steep.

would you say he worked 13 hours to charge you 390€?

Scritto il 19/10/2008 alle ore 7.55

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ottobre 2008

thank you for your reply. i makes my case a little more difficult.

yes - €82 for 2½ liters of oil - the quality should be ok then. if they had only put it in there ......

i was never on the workshop myself.
13 hours to change a clutch?
maybe 6½ hours to do the work and 100% tourist "tax". ;-)