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NEW IPOD AUTO ADAPTER ! 1562 wakeuplisa 1 22/09/2006

Scritto il 22/09/2006 alle ore 5.22

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settembre 2006

hi! i’m lisa
i’d like to introduce a new ipod auto adapter to you !

this adapter makes ipod or mp3 as a cd changer, and play ipod or mp3 through car audio system, it does not use fm transmitter, but wire connection.(plug into the cd changer port of the head unit). once it is equipped, you can choose music of ipod or usb disk from the car stereo’s buttons or steering wheel controls.
for example,
1 choose playlist from ipod
2 select songs by next or previous
3 multi play mode: repeat, random, scan
4 charge function



if you have any question, free let me know!